Everything we do is driven by research and people’s experiences. These people have shared their personal stories and you can read about them and case studies of projects that help older people live their lives without limits.

The views and opinions expressed in these stories are those of the authors were directly quoted. They do not necessarily reflect the policy or positions of the Centre for Ageing Better.

Photo of Colleen

Colleen's story

Colleen, 66, from West London, takes a very positive view on ageing, feeling that it’s a privilege to get older. Always a keen follower of…

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Photo of Pete Domican

Pete's Story

Pete has spent the past 23 years working as a consultant focusing on strategy and transformation. He feels that business is not set up to support an…

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Photo of Danielle Barbereau

Danielle's story

Danielle tells us how the ageism she experienced in her early 50s was a ‘punch in the stomach’ – but how it ultimately led her to a fulfilling new…

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Photo of Tony Lush

Tony's story

Tony has lived his life ‘footloose and fancy-free’, but health issues have slowed him down in recent years and he feels frustrated by the medical…

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Photo of Rosemary Mallace

Rosemary's story

Rosemary is a passionate advocate for older people exercising, and regularly sharing her advice in the media and on her Strong After Sixty YouTube…

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